Trina McDonald is a freelance writer and the owner of Shutterscribe Media Services.

In grade 3, she wrote a book about some elves saving Christmas and was sent to an author’s conference. Since then she has suspected that writing was her superpower.

A desire to contribute to social and environmental change led her to complete a bachelor of social work with a minor in environmental studies. After graduation she worked as a facilitator and program coordinator with an arts-based youth and social change organization called the Power of Hope. The grant writing, research and reporting she performed in this role led her back to her love of writing and her desire to make it a central part of her work in the world.

Trina returned to University to study journalism and has published news articles on topics ranging from sustainable land use to music and travel.

She has experience writing online content and copy, providing blog posts, website re-writes and business letters on everything from the best places to kayak to how to make funeral arrangements. 

In her free time she studies and leads workshops in The Work that Reconnects, a process created by ecological philosopher and buddhist scholar Joanna Macy; manages stages for music festivals; plays in a band; practices yoga; and runs a gardening business. 

Shutterscribe is a place to share her work and to offer her services in support of the good works of like-minded businesses and individuals.