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Sentry tower at El Morro, a 16th century Spanish fortress in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For more pictures, see the Photography section of this site.

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Pam Blackstone is a professional journalist, photographer, speaker, and educator. Published in a variety of print and electronic media, she writes about subjects ranging from technology to travel, antiques, and collectibles. Her print credits include a 7+ year tenure as a weekly columnist for the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper, as well as features and departments for publications ranging from Focus on Women to Publish magazine. Pam also provides business writing services, which fall into several broad categories. These are briefly described below. Please feel free to explore this web site. If you require more information, email Pam at

Periodical Writing:

Pam is first and foremost a journalist, with an extensive background in writing for both print and online publication. She is adept at technical writing and corporate communications, but passionate about freelance writing. Freelancing is a challenging way to earn a living, but no other endeavour, in Pam's opinion, provides greater personal satisfaction. Pam is happiest when she is ensconced at the computer — oblivious to everything around her — playing with words and pictures. More detailed information is provided in the Travel Writing and Technology Writing sections of this web site.

Photography and Photojournalism:

Pam was an avid photographer long before this technology went digital. From her old 1970s-era Canon FTb SLR to today's digital marvels, Pam is rarely seen without a camera slung over her shoulder. The digital photography world has opened up new possibilities, though, especially since Pam acquired a Canon G6, which captures 7 megapixels of amazing detail. Pam has amassed a large collection of images to offer you, for use alone or to accompany articles. These may be seen on her Photography page.

Web Content and Usability:

An Internet "early adopter," Pam has lived and breathed Internet since the Web's emergence in 1993. She wrote a weekly newspaper column on this topic for over seven years; has presented at numerous conferences, seminars, and expositions; and her net search site, is one of the oldest in existence. Pam has followed the work of Jakob Nielsen and other usability experts with interest and, in recent years, has turned her attention to web usability consulting, to writing for and about the online world, and to developing written content for government and corporate sites.

Technical Writing and Corporate Communications:

From press releases and media kits to brochures and newsletters, Pam has extensive experience crafting copy for communications projects. In addition, she has an unusual ability to translate highly technical concepts into plain language. She has applied this talent to the creation of a wide array of technical documents for clients, ranging from FAQs and glossaries to technical training materials, software documentation, and product specification sheets. More information is provided on Pam's Business Writing page.

Seminars, Courses, and Presentations:

A well-known speaker and educator, Pam has presented at numerous conferences, expositions, and trade shows. She has created numerous courses, developed custom presentations on a wide range of topics, and shared her communications and Internet expertise with thousands of people. Please see her Seminars page for more information.

For more information, please email Pam at For information about other business services offered by Pam, please see her corporate site, BrainWave Solutions Inc.

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